We are commercial lawyers in Brisbane, providing legal services for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups right through to large national and international corporations. We love seeing Queensland businesses thrive and enjoy being part of those business’s commercial success, no matter their size.

We provide a range of services including:

We have worked in ASX top 20 companies and ridden the journey from start-up to listed company. We know what works and what doesn't when it comes to business. 

Having enjoyed combined roles as General Counsel and Executive General Manager, IM Lawyers understands what it takes to juggle the commercial realities of a business while protecting assets and ensuring long-term security over the company’s innovation and capital.  We enjoy developing ‘out of the box’ solutions that consider the big picture rather than just the immediate issue at hand.

With the need to juggle all aspects of running your business, IM Lawyers have developed a multidisciplinary approach to guiding businesses, advising on each task commercially.

What type of businesses do IM Lawyers help?

We have experience assisting clients from both goods and services industries and from a broad range of sectors, including:

  • financial services;
  • investments;
  • hospitality;
  • technology;
  • design; and

Streamlined advice

In commercial transactions and disputes, and in business in general, we understand that it often takes many hands and that you may be receiving assistance from a variety of experts.

We have extensive experience in working alongside other professionals such as accountants, financial advisers or business advisers to ensure you are receiving streamlined advice and considering the expertise of other professionals providing you with assistance.

How can IM Lawyers help you and your business?

We take the time to explore your business to ensure the advice we give and recommendations we make are suitable and practical for you and your unique business.

Our advice recognises the impact a decision may make on the other parts of the business while remaining focused on the ultimate outcome. We highlight these impacts prior to you taking the next step.

Need advice or assistance? Get in touch with an IM commercial lawyer.

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It costs you nothing to find out where you stand.

In commercial transactional matters, once we get an understanding of your requirements, we will set a fixed rate so your business can allow for the outgoings.

We may send incremental invoices (for example, monthly) or bill you at the end of your matter. Whichever way you are invoiced, it will be communicated to you at the beginning of your matter.

For commercial litigation matters, we will most likely agree an hourly rate after the initial obligation free consultation.

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