We are Wills and estate lawyers in Brisbane, Queensland who have provided estate planning services to Queenslanders for many years. We have a focus on supporting our clients through estate planning matters in an efficient and straightforward process.

We help people with a range of estate planning matters explained below. We also work with clients needing assistance with deceased estates including probate, letters of administration and contested estates, after the death of a loved one. You can read more about our deceased estate services here.


We understand the importance of future planning your estate to ensure that your family and loved ones are looked after when you are no longer around to provide for them. If you are over 18, you should create a Will. Having a clear, valid Will ensures that your estate will be administered by your chosen executor(s), in accordance with your specified wishes.

At IM Lawyers, we are estate experts with extensive experience in Wills. It is crucial that you seek expert legal advice to ensure your Will is validly executed. We can guide you through the process, hassle-free to ensure that you create a Will which is reflective of your wishes and gives you peace of mind for the future.


Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a vital document which allows you to appoint a person or persons to make decisions for you during your lifetime.

You can create a General Power of Attorney to allow your attorney(s) to make decisions on financial matters for you whilst you have capacity. You should create an Enduring Power of Attorney to ensure that your chosen attorney(s) handle your personal, health and financial matters if you lose capacity and are unable to do so yourself.

We have extensive experience working with clients to create a Power of Attorney to suit their needs. Whether you need a General Power of Attorney for a certain event or period of time or an Enduring Power of Attorney to plan for the future, IM Lawyers can provide guidance and assistance.


Advance Health Directives

Another crucial step in the estate planning process is creating an Advance Health Directive.

An Advance Health Directive is a document which outlines your future health care preferences, to health care providers and persons nominated by you. An Advance Health Directive provides detailed information about your medical wishes and preferences and must be made whilst you have capacity.

IM Lawyers have the expertise to assist you the process of creating your Advance Health Directive.


How can IM Lawyers help you?

We take the time to understand your desired outcome and ensure the advice and recommendations we give are suited to your personal and unique circumstances.

Need advice or assistance? Get in touch with an IM estate planning lawyer.

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For many Estate Planning matters, we will set a fixed rate so you can understand the costs upfront.

Generally, this fixed rate will depend on the complexity of the work.  We can review initial documents and have initial discussions with you for free. This enables us to be able to accurately provide a fixed rate to you.

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