Virtual Legal Counsel for SME's

Our virtual legal counsel is designed to help small to medium businesses navigate day-to-day and time-to-time legal aspects of their business as if they had a lawyer on staff. We’re the extra team member, ready to step in when you might need some extra assistance.

A virtual legal counsel can help your business when you require specialist expertise for a particular project or task, or it may be as someone to refer to for advice on commercial decisions on a more regular basis.

We can provide virtual legal counsel as your stand-alone legal team or to work with your in-house team.

Being a small to medium business is hard work. Hard work because to realise your dreams you can't go to that money tree to fund the next significant move. Most days you are making the big plays on your own. That's risky and lonely but that also makes your business nimble and agile giving you the edge over your larger, lazier cashed up competitors.

Sometimes though, you recognise the need for specialists. That's where we can help.

We've been in start-up businesses but also sat at the mahogany table at the ASX top 20. Very different environments but at the end of the day all businesses are doing the same thing. Assessing risk, dealing with the risk and protecting their assets and capital.

IM Lawyers work with the small and big end of town. Wherever you sit, if you are contemplating your next big move and need a legal specialist on a short-term basis, get in contact with us to discuss a short-term retainer to work with you.

Whether it be for one to three days a month or a short stint to negotiate and close a deal, we can boost your team at the critical time.

Call now to arrange an initial free consultation

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It costs you nothing to find out where you stand.

In commercial transactional matters, once we get an understanding of your requirements, we will set a fixed rate so your business can allow for the outgoings.

We may send incremental invoices (for example, monthly) or bill you at the end of your matter. Whichever way you are invoiced, it will be communicated to you at the beginning of your matter.

For commercial litigation matters, we will most likely agree an hourly rate after the initial obligation free consultation.